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Pure Classical Vocal

No music can be properly inculcated without pure-classical training. Proper voice production, accuracy of notes in whichever song you sing, beats and rhythms skills, tunes familiarity: all these elements are enhanced in learning pure-classical. Eventually, one enjoys and gets surprised while singing  songs with accuracy, be it Bollywood or jazz. Therefore, if you think you’re passionate in music and want to sing properly, learn Pure Classical from Scratch.

Check out How My Students Sing:



Semi Classical

Some love to listen to Thumri-Dadra instead of going through ragas/swaras/talas… yup! most welcome. We will enjoy some popular/traditional  thumris and dadras sung by Vidushi Shobha Gurtu, Girija Devi etc., just by entering a little into a few classical (covering prime elements) and will perfect it to the level you can sing in concerts. So JOIN ME!

Here are the videos how the teenagers take interest in Music:

See how we celebrated the Saraswati Puja

Light Music Vocal

Sometimes starting pure-classical music seems boring and intimidating, right ? You think why to learn all over when I like only ghazals. No Problem, Learn your favourite jagjit Singh (Hindi films, Ghulam Ali, Asha etc..) Ghazals perfectly. Learn simple and complex nuances in Ghazal along with playing it on the Harmonium, an all time accompanist of Ghazal.
Most of us connect music with God and soul; like to sing bhajans. Some of us cry while singing Krishna-bhajan, Ram or Shiv bhajans… Why not perfect them ?
Seriously, you will feel on the top of the world, may be along with that deity, the moment you will sing them correctly with correct voice and  proper set of notes…. Your confidence will all the more linger on,  when you play harmonium along with bhajans.
You stop by in wedding functions and stay blank when you are called to sing… embarrassing ya ? Here is a joint for the folk-songs covering all occasions – wedding folks (banna-banni), baby-birth (soher), Baby-shower songs (God-bharai), Gods and deities songs like Ram-navami, Shivaratri, Nag-panchami, Janmashtami, Devi-geet for navratri, seasonal folks like: autumn-folks, spring, sawan, barahmasa,  kajri-chaiti, gujarati, rajasthani, guru-poornima, Lohri etc..

 How it works!

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Online classes: Life is pretty busy for all of us today; therefore, feel free to avoid commutes and schedule Live Skype/ classes with me.

Purchase courses: Things are getting even more convenient nowadays; sometimes you wish to sing late at night; or sometimes you procrastinate to show up on your scheduled live classes. Not An Issue! Buy Music courses or lecture in affordable prices and give yourself more rooms to learn whenever you like. Lectures/courses for all the genres will be available soon. Here are my courses which is a full package of vocal music from the scratch, comprising of 42 lectures for the beginners (layman) and amateurs as well. These are the courses: (click on the titles to visit the pages)

Vocal music from scratch

Vocal music from scratch

Raga: My new Course

Raga Course

Raga Course

Take classes in-person: Close-by to Gachibowli and want to grab special attention and interaction ? COME ON IN…. Make a call and learn with me in-person. Even today, there is no comparison of classroom teaching.

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