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Rahul Ajay, winner of Kids Golf World Championship

When the desires penetrate the line of passion,

When the plethora of hobbies are sidelined by a special one,

When the sentence, “I want….” turns into “I won…”

When emotions of wishes voyages to actualization

Three cheers to Rahul’s triumph and consummation.

Rahul Ajay

Rahul Ajay

Rahul Ajay, winner of Kids Golf World Championship 2016,deserves these words above.  This 16-years old Hyderabadi kid has created in history recently in the mid of December in Malaysia by winning over a Malaysian guy by one stroke. Rahul defeated 50 outstanding international Golfers in three days and made his parents’ overwhelming with pride. Earlier, He had been playing Golf winning numerous prices in Singapore, Thailand etc.. But this was the real victory.

Life is all about mind and mind produce thoughts. When thoughts are directed towards perseverance, endurance, seeking skills, setting goals, then one is not leading a normal, easy life. That abnormality transcends him to the world of achievements; be it inner or society. Really doesn’t matter.

Story Reloaded

RahulajaySince the age of eight, Rahul started his voyage of Golf when his Dad introduced the game. Selecting Golf  In this land, India, where all the other sports other than cricket, are ignored, he not only selected this forte but grabbed a big place. Most importantly, his coach Mr. Indrajit Bhalotia played a vital role in exploring his capabilities and nurturing him accordingly.

Why Golf when asked, “Golf is a gentlemen’s game. You play by yourself unlike other sports which need teams.” says Rahul, who is an amazing example of clarity and self-opinionated mindsets. He is bestowed with all the attributes which is actually needed in a sportsperson.

Tremendous Discipline

IMG_20170114_131604435We simply generalize the ready product by praising the achievers and criticizing the failures. But here comes process of this winner. Vehemence is the only word which comes to my mind when I heard his practice detailing. Rahul had been practicing full day since three months before this tournament. “I wake up at five, jog for 4-5 kms, do yoga, and zen meditation….Come from school at 3:30, go to Golf practices till 6:30, do the evening meditation…” He says. The 11th standard guy is ready to salute all the minute gamut which he seems beneficial in enhancing his stream. Fitness, strength training are some of the important elements in Golf, he believes. Rahul possess a deep crux and mechanics of Golf which makes him perceive his game, “I seem to understand the mechanics and technicality of golf well. This has helped me to gel well with my coaches in the last many years.” He says.

In this delicate age, when the boys want to distract with all ins and outs, Rahul Ajay never watches TV or play video games. “These days I have stopped reading books to focus on my play, but I do read positive books so that I imbibe that.” says Rahul. This is a significant aspect to deliver among the kids and parents today who think distraction is natural.

Rahul still aspire much more as this is just the beginning. To be in the students mode is always good for becoming a successful. Rahul looks forward to improves on the stuffs he thinks he is not up to the mark. He speaks his mind, “As a player, I should be more positive, driven and disciplined.” To enhance his play and for in-depth understanding, Rahul usually follows the game of his favorite Golfers: Tiger Woods and Anirban Lahiri.

2017-01-12-PHOTO-00000100According to the champ, being a Hyderabad dweller is another blessing for a sportsperson in terms of resources, weather, and of course in getting inspired by the great sports personality. “In other cities the Golf membership is expensive except Hyderabad, where my Dad had a membership since long.” shares Rahul.

Attitude Matters

Competitiveness, envy, commitment, are some of the common qualities in any sportsperson but Rahul owns an unusual tranquility and peace in his mind. He is an extremely cool guy outwardly with  a bundle of dreams and ambitions within. He would definitely be the next Mr. Cool Golfer after Dhoni, once he is one of the top Golfers, and the countdown has begun.

To make India a better place for sports, Rahul has strong opinions regarding sports should be supported and sponsored properly in India. “We get less price money comparatively in India…” 

I will conclude my rounds of applause by the kid winner’s quote on success, “Its something really good to reach your aim and the society looks at the topmost in the world. For me, I just started my journey.”











Ragas: My new course


Indian classical music mainly concerns about Ragas. The more you dive deep down in this ocean, you attain some valuable ambrosia of new knowledge and perceptions. But before that, we need to understand some basic knowledge of the fundamental Ragas, which are the stepping stones in this journey of bliss.

Welcome to my new course on udemy, which introduces Ragas. In this course you will be able to master five Ragas which belongs to the Thaat Kalyan: Yaman, Kedar, Bhoopali, Nand, and Hansdhwani. Here is the introductory video. Please have a look.

Niladri’s Magic with Strings!!

The first time I heard Niladri Kumar was at kamani auditorium, Delhi, but was unable to perceive the uniqueness of his playing as he was super fast. The gat was going literally out of anticipation for me; tala was racing with my mind  and went far beyond the sam till I realized. Therefore, my final judgement of him was, “too fast”. The next time I heard him was in the advertisement of Taj mahal tea when again he seemed to demonstrate the tidal waves but I observed the kids danced at the ad. Then I realized why he is popular among the youngsters. Sometimes one needs to plummet down back to kids thinking level to inculcate any art among them. Niladri Ji did the same. Kids and youths are fascinated with the fast tempos and that’s exactly what he is up to.

The other day I heard him in a video floated through whatsapp and I was just mesmerized. He was endorsing an event tieing up with Madhuri Dixit and he played her movie songs like dhak-dhak, Mera piya ghar aaya, Ankhiya milau, and all her rocking ones. He made the audience and Madhuri so engrossed that nobody could make out what instrument he was playing. Have a look:

Zitar was the instrument he was playing which is his own creation. Zitar is the  cool combo of sitar and guitar (electric) having a beautiful maroon color. This indicates the passion, perseverance and lifetime practice of the maestros with which they land up to their innovative inventions of instruments transcending the level of classical music.

Guru Pt. Ravi Shankar might be smiling proudly above to watch his student being compared with him indirectly in the concert last evening in the Vishalakshi Mantap, Bangalore. His scintillating performance uplifted immensely with the lethal combination of Padmashree Pandit Vijay Ghate on Tabla. The concert titled ‘Soul to soul’, unfolded the Raga charukesi with its startling approach towards aalap and superfluous, beyond anticipation, fast renditions on higher octaves.

Apart from Charukesi, they both extended the event by presenting some fast track medleys maintaining the comity of the deep-rooted classical art. The intricate versatile and doughty rhythms by Pt. Ghate injected the natural bliss and metanoia among the audience.



TEDx Features Deforia Lane – A Must See

Overwhelming are the tiny tales narrated by a renowned music therapist Dr. Deforia Lane, which are related to the infants heeling during a delivery. Immensely satisfying feelings emerges to observe that sound vibration heeling is creating its place in the world where human’s genuinely positive vibrations are missing. In the coming era, where the fetuses are arriving carrying disturbances along, where relations are soon turning into repulsion, where the old parents are deprived of their children’s real smile,  these music therapies produced by the divine sound frequencies and resonance will be the only source of treatment and bliss. Good news is that people are working hard to bring it forth.  Watch out this interesting talk on music therapy by Dr. Deforia Lane:

Indian Classical Version of Adelle’s ‘Hello’

Gone are the days when people listened to the good music, appreciated, made it trending and finally the track went adrift in the wind with time. Apart from perceiving, people brood over the track to provide it a unique flavor. Creativity and trying something instinctive is trending implicitly nowadays. Especially, Indian music, when fused with other west genre, has a power of transcending the standards in music. So the formula is quite precise: garnish the track with Indian musical spices and taste the peculiarity.

Think of Adelle’s record breaking super hit track ‘Hello’, which has been synced with an Indian classical version by a few artistes and fusionists and made even that extremely popular. Indian artiste, Mahesh Raghvan decided to give the tremendous desi twist to the song performed by the singer Demi Lovato. The fusion renditions have been initiated by university Marching band along with a two year old toddler who lip-synced to give a pop effect to the song. Adelle’s magic has been taken to a higher level by these artistes.

The blend-effect and the renditions are created through an iPad app which helped with a distinctive sound of flute, Tanpura and Nadaswaram. The serene and matured effect given by these traditional instruments left the track superbly fascinating and heart-stirring.

The creativity has yet not got over. The track has also been accompanied by Mohiniyattam, a classical dance from Kerala. I am immensely proud and excited to share that the dance was performed by an internationally acclaimed, beautiful and a proficient Mohiniyattam dancer and a professor in my department, Dr. Deepthy Omcherry Bhalla. I am so honored to recall my moments with her especially when I had interviewed her regarding my Ph.D thesis.

World Music Event at Hyderabad by Trios from ‘Forward’

To celebrate World Music Naina, Scott and Gino performed at a recent event in Hyderabad. The Event was held in the Inorbit Mall.

The Trio gave the audience a taste of Pop and Jazz.

Talented  Scott Kinsey persisted on the Keyboards for around one and a half hours, accompanied by Naina Kundu on the Bass Guitar and Gino Banks on drums.

The three were able to hook around 200 audience by their heart-stirring percussion effect and vibrant music. Naina Kundu’s vocals also blended well with the fusion. They hardly took any breaks and performed the pop and jazz genres spontaneously at one go for an hour.

Learn Music To Increase Memory

Music is beyond what we think. Recent Music Therapy researches have proved that indulging in any kind of music improves Memory, Retention and Grasp.

Longer periods of listening or playing music resonates the brain’s cortical and subcortical areas and makes us recall the past knowledge and experiences clearly.

The valley manor care center of Montrose recently introduced a memory care unit called ‘iPod program’ or Music Therapy program, where the music is heard 24 by 7. Amazing results have been noticed among the patients as explained by their attendants.

“It’s therapeutic music for them” says Memory Care Specialist, Brandi Garcia. “It has therapeutic purpose and it ties those early childhood memories to the resident. So often we see these resident blossom. It’s absolutely amazing.”

Even the kids suffering from Dementia or other psychological disorders, often are recommended to enter the MCU, who end up being back to normal in a couple of weeks. They do not want to leave the place as the gentle tunes make them feel peaceful and at home.

Here is a short story about a kid, Tim, who had a chronic communication syndrome since birth. He could not speak among friends and was high on stammering when asked a question in class. His mom took him to the memory care where he was asked nothing. He had his own space to look around the musical gadgets. He explored all the stuffs for three days when his mom got him regularly. Until he picked a violin one day and started playing. He started learning and playing the instrument for hours, which resulted in comparatively clear speech. The words were completely understood with less stammers and he felt confident too.

It is highly essential to adopt music in being healthy, dynamic and responsive rather than just considering it a purpose of entertainment and relaxation.

Learn, play, listen, and compose music in order to enhance yourself in studies, work, relations and overall demeanor.

Read more stories to explore the facts on how music improves memory power and retention.

Basant Panchami: Its Significance


Basant Panchami is a festival to indicate the arrival of the spring season. This festival is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati and is celebrated in the fifth day of Magh shukla (Hindu Month). Since the festival is related to the Goddess of Art, music and knowledge, Maa Sarawati, it is also known as Saraswati Puja and even more auspicious and loving day for the musicians and music lovers. It is believed that this is the birth time of the Goddess.

Since it symbolizes the spring season, Basant Panchami is dominant by the yellow color celebration. Yellow depicts the ripening of fruits and crops; The yellow mustard crop is extensively spread in the lands, making the environment peaceful and vibrant. The puja and festivities are performed wearing yellow color. Mata Saraswati is decorated by the yellow sari and ornamentation. The prasad or other worship eatables are also made yellow by using saffron or turmeric  in order to depict the festival properly.

Kids are especially taught to read Sanskrit shlokas and mantras in order to imbibe positive and intellectual vibrations in them, as Sanskrit is the soul language of all the modern ones. It is said that if one can speak, read or write Sanskrit, he has mastered his brain 70% more.