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How Miraculous Music Affects


“Hello Madam, I cannot trace you … Are  you standing near Inorbit Mall ? … Madam please come at the other end … Madam, please stand by the corner of the ……. blah, blah, blah.”

One creepy evening, an Uber driver took around one hour to track me. Consequently, he reacted ferociously due to the time he wasted trying to coordinate with me. I tried to retort in the middle of his barbaric tone but I stopped,  thinking it’s of no use. After he was done with all the frustrated words, he switched on the FM radio. Some typical song turned up, which exhibited some absurd, annoying erotic sounds. He was obviously not listening to it as he was still busy vociferating on someone else on his phone. I could feel the heaviness in my head. I  was almost red-faced after being shouted at by an unknown.

I rudely commanded, “Would be good if you switch this song off.” He agreed.

Few moments later,  I played Raga Jaijaiwanti on the sitar, which I came  across while browsing at the whats app messages/videos. I listened to it with great focus in order to get rid of the hangover gifted by him.  To my astonishment, he started interacting with me starting with, “Very soothing tune, which instrument ?” I was still a bit vexed but I answered disinterest-fully. He continued, “You know madam, my wife sings very well …” and so on.

This unexpected, unpredictable behavior by an uncultured man left me in a huge dilemma about what was his state of mind. The journey was like fifteen minutes long. I normally do not expect even a well-educated, sophisticated person to change back to normal after such brusque attitude just in few minutes.  I was in a reckoning mode  when he confessed, “Excuse me Madam; Sorry, I behaved badly!!”

Music actually plays a vital role in uplifting the mood. Brain waves experience quite significant variations, which makes one switch from a lowly, stressful mood to high and positive vibes. The term ‘resonance’ is an essential element for conceptualizing musical tunes as a mood-changer. Scientifically, as Mr. M. Farouk Radwan explains, ‘resonance’ refers to the increase in amplitude of oscillation of a mechanical system when it gets exposed to a periodic force that had frequency equal to the natural frequency. In other words, resonance is a charismatic shine in a voice or any instrument’s sound, which produces happy hormone called  ‘serotonin’. It reverberates our brain waves, balances our hormones,  thus  mollifies us when we are anxiously driven.

Not only humans but the creatures, objects too can channelize themselves into positivism through music. In the recent researches in China, a therapist was working on water, when he kept two tumblers full of water in the different rooms. He switched on a noisy, hullabaloo sounds in one room and a soothing, pleasant tune in the other. Then he examined the water crystals and proved the authentic power of music. Water in the noisy room had developed haphazard, unorganized crystals, whereas, water listening to the musical tunes had symmetrical and awesomely ornamented crystals.

Now the question is – is it some peculiarly miraculous music? Every tune is musical and is capable of treating our stress quotient. Well, there is a definite time and emotions for every piece. All musical pieces can be innovative for a particular listener, but might not be effective.  Sometimes we enjoy the same piece every time we listen with same overwhelming emotions and bliss. Sometimes, the piece is monotonous or too difficult and might not  mollify our ears quite often.

There are many aspects which can result in categorizing music as ‘miraculous’.

Monotonous pieces: Sometimes we want to listen to your favorite list repeatedly and you enjoy every phrase of it at every moment. But this might be applicable in a normal mood or when we are already relaxed. When we feel low, the same lovable  piece might not even penetrate our minds because of the flowing thoughts. In this case, need of miraculous Indian music like ragas, Om Chant are far more effective to heal us or to subside our negative self-talk.

Excessive emotional content: We tend to listen to the depressing and sentimental songs when we are already exhausted or in a dull mode. In bollywood tracks nowadays, they are perpetually composing the over sensuous or erotic songs which are soothing but drain energy and vitality through their haunting music and lyrics. People, especially males tend to get lost and are able to find path because of the long lived belief that male chauvinism demands seriousness and serenity. Ultimately, that emotional carriage is pushing them towards outer non-acceptance and gossip. Thus, males generally connect sad songs with drinks.

Noisy & Fast track: You may love the fast and noisy pieces like rock, pop, but they are not recommended for the stress treatment. For instance, Jerry gets back home after disheartening words of his boss and is fully drowned into negativity and anxiety.  He turns up  his favorite Britney and all fast noisy stuff on full volume and broods over the same topic. According to the researchers and therapists, that’s also music, but  won’t really help and might push him even deep down the low. It will increase the heart beats, which are already high paced. Super fast drum beats and octopad measures might activate his negative hormone like adrenaline.  On the contrary, the best medicine for low-feeling or depression is inner contemplation, which might be evolved through soothing, peaceful, or slow music. Here comes the need of Indian music  or raga dive and Indian instruments. Violin do help but the heavenly tunes of sitar & sarod massages your brain neurons gently and makes you attain relaxation. Soft and slow rhythms balance the heart beats and cognitive neurons.

There is a lot research on how music works as a medicine but what kind of music works as miracle or instant healer to a disturbed mind, this is essentially an introspective topic.

3D-Aspect Of Music

Music is studded with varied faces and has an immense power of altering human’s life for better. Usually music is considered in three prime forms: Gaayan, Vadana, and Nritya or singing, playing (instrumental) and dance. These three aspects has its individuality and integrity both at the same time. In other words, playing, singing, or dancing can be performed and would implicitly be called music even if they are executed solely. As in, you can enjoy the vocals with or without instrumentals and dance, or vica versa. Hence we find the musical aura much identity-oriented and unified as well.

With this aspect of music, can you associate music with some other faculty? Probably our mind. Our mind implies the same temperament if we take time to examine it. Believe me, the mind cooperates us much more than we think it is. If we keep it single-sided directing it on one object, subject or field, it will make us master that individual area. On the other hand if we multi-direct it  to the plethora of subjects and areas, that will culminate the mind and destiny work in multi-dimensions in various fields making one more versatile, competent and all-rounder.

The story of a young Bharatanatyam dancer Lakshmi Raj clearly illustrates the theory much clearly. Her specialization since childhood was corporate marketing. Like many other routined IT-freaks and monotonous traders of happiness, she  too graduated and mastered in business marketing to work with Logistic companies as a business developer. However, Indian classical dance prevailed in their family liking but overlooking the reality and hanging on the conservative affairs is what Indians are good at. “My mother aspired to be a dancer herself when she was young but she grew in a rather conservative society where in the ancient India, dance was considered to be performed by the girls of low society to entertain the Royals. Hence she never got a chance to pursue her dream.” Says Lakshmi. To have a prestigious education and job, she pursued the IT and marketing.

Around two decades back, to accompany her introvert sister into dancing area, she joined dance since when she starting delving deep into the dance world.

“My mother got my sister into a Bharatanatyam class very close to where we lived in order to make her dream come true through her daughter. It was my good fortune that, to the fear of new faces and the sound of the ‘Tatta Kazhi‘ (beats) my sister would do nothing but cry in the class; so to give her company, I was introduced to the world of dance and since then there is no stopping.”

Lakshmi started her dance journey by receiving training from my ‘Guru’ (mentor) Ms. Lata Raman for the last 18 years now.  She realized her mechanical, cliched life and non-contented money-making scenario in marketing job and give it an end entering purely into the nritya-sadhana.

Lakshmi lives in Boston and is a well-known Bharatanatyam performer in the States performing in the events like Telugu association of Greater Boston.

“My sister and I did a duet dance for a dance reality show in 2001 on Star Plus (India’s leading family entertainment channel). We even won the title for that show named ‘Kya Masti Kya Dhoom‘ that was the first time I was on television and happens to be the most memorable one!” Lakshmi shares ecstatically.

Whether or not we are cognizant, our mind and brain attains an incomprehensible power of attaining knowledge at any age. Now It depends on how we want to walk on its  unfathomable circumference. Whether we deplete our mind in dwelling the normal unwanted routined life just for the spondulicks; or we choose to stop by, contemplate on what exactly I want in  life and grab the bite of the related knowledge.

Remove filters of brain … Be like kids!! (Short story)

As  grown-ups, we tend to live up on what all we have been reinforced to do. Our family tells us there is God and we need to pray; and we start praying; without asking where is God? Have you seen him Mom? This reminds me of Neelima, my student, who shares how her son questions and challenges the society rules and rituals.

Over the time, these filters and conditioning layers itself firmly in our minds that it becomes hard to wipe off. Have we ever dared to think out of the box?

Here is a short story to illustrate why kids have extra power to execute  something than the elders.

Suresh and Dilip were more than best friends, former being six years and Dilip, ten. Once they were busy in their mischiefs beside a deep, ancient well of their village when Dilip unfortunately slipped in, deep down.

The other one snivelled shockingly and shouted, “Somebody please help!” for a long time. Nobody being around to help, he quickly grabbed a rope, tied it with a tree and giving the other end to his friend down, started pulling. It didn’t help at first as the victim was five years elder than the helper. But surprisingly he saved his ten years old friend. They both embraced each other with their mixed emotions of pleasure of achievement and fear of losing.

They went back and excitingly explained the tale to the villagers but nobody believed, not even their parents.

“All this is bullshit ! how can a six years old possess enough strength of pulling the ten years old.”

Only an old and wise soul in the village known as Rahim Chacha, who was obeyed and respected by the villagers, was convinced with the boys. Others gave a weird reaction at Rahim Chacha’s approval and demanded explanation why he believed the boys.

“Younger one saved the elder because there was none to tell him that it’s impossible for you”. explained the old man.

The implicit power lies within us. Often times we do not execute things because we think we won’t. Our deep-rooted brain filters, sanskars and beliefs hinder us to cross our comfort zone, because of which we are unable to recognize our capability and potential. As adults, lifelong we are surrounded by the past conditioning and intimidated to try new things. Kids, being free of those thousand filters and myths, keep trying new things with formidable vitality and courage.

Facebook Craze

The other day when I was coffeeing in Starbucks, when I heard a man next to me, received a call, may be informing about his wife’s sudden death. He vociferated in a shattered voice. He shivered badly and his body was loosing control.  Watching this, some girls came to pacify him. People at their best offered to accompany him to his vehicle. He tiredly scotched and stood but halted, “Wait!” Guess what !

He took his iPhone out of his pocket for posting an FB update… “My wife’s expired”.

A girl who came to console her reprimanded sarcastically, “Hey, why don’t you wait for the likes and RIPs before leaving”.

Facebook likes

Facebook likes

Overly affect and attention to Facebook likes and dislikes and liking others pics so that they will click the same for me, parties on their extreme, night-outs on weekends, illogical drinking, gossiping, with frequent smokers, noon wakeups on the Sundays thinking five days will anyways go busy, purchasing items without even a thought of its feasibility… Lifestyle maintain its hyper decline for the youngsters and then we claim there’s no good in life.

People lack even a speck of contentment in their life. We perpetually want people around us. We cannot even spent a day midst of our own self with the best of our company. It becomes hard to accept even a single week that I’m alone and nobody is there with me.

My apartment mate, Neeley, constantly demands ultimate privacy with her boyfriend. She is always vexed with the unexpected doorbells, calls or even work when she is fully charged with Tom, her fifth and so-called forever soulmate. At times, she is annoyed with her own sensuous sounds while the process. After half an hour, she bangs in my room to show me  a couple of her intimately romantic photos just updated and received 800 likes too. Some pics are crossing their obscenity and makes me shout at her, forbidding to show me. I keep wondering when did she do that; a few minutes back I was trying to focus and ignore the weird, devilish sounds coming from her room and now it has been published before the world.

So confused, right ? People want privacy; however, they want to show those private pics to the world. Where’s the privacy ? What do they really want ? Privacy or publicity ? Or publicized privacy … Or may be unclear what they want ?

Simplicity has been implicitly overshadowed by glamour and show. People want to share/reveal and seek comments, “nice comments” on each moments of their life, which actually they feel should not be intervened or don’t want to accept they’re not being personal at all. Lack of self approval and appraisal was anyways in the aura of the society when these inter-personal sites are adequately successful having put the icing on the cake.  The day is not far-off when the FB alerts and friends will remind gals about the arrival of their menstruation date. Nice, attractive app will be displayed to remind them to go for change as she has already spent 15 hours on FB.

I often visit a nearby park to take music classes of my 80 years old student. We both enjoyed a lot being together. My satisfaction and bliss quotient transcended with the feeling that I’m able to soothe an ‘old‘ guy  with my company and music. I visited the park on a fine Sunday and noticed his absence. I waited there before I called him up to find out that he was suffering with depression and has been taken to a psychiatrist. Few weeks later, we resumed the lesson in the same park and I obviously inquired the cause of his depression. I wanted to faint after hearing it….why did I ask  dammit? I thought.  Reasons were two:

“My wife remarried”, he sobbed.

“As far as I know, Mr. Ted, you had been divorced  back in your 40s?”, I couldn’t resist asking him on his illogical, unreasonable cause and statement.

“Yes! but you know, you feel really shattered, when you see someone close to your heart with someone else…that day I could believe my eyes when I saw the romantic pics of my wife on FB …she got 500 likes. Can you believe it ? … won’t get my feelings kid…. blah blah blah.”  He was reciting all of it with his broken and fragile voice and watered eyes.

I tried to console her; however, I had nothing to say on this stupid act. Someone feeling low or slight detrimental thoughts broke down for few hours in such situations can be digestible. But depression and meeting psychiatrist for the woman you’ve left long ago was something I wanted to punch that pervert.   For the first time, I was repenting to visit the park. These are the negative consequences of being addicted. Here is the scientific study on how Facebook is making people paralyzed and frangible.